Port #16 on the STH scavenging tour

Whimsicalidocious be not just about readin', but writin' too! And Novel Ninjas be all about assisting scallywags to get their stories not only written, but published! The program be the youth version of our Author's Journey publishing activity (through E. Gads Hill Press) that be takin' would-be-writers from inspiration to publication.

Did ye know some people consider ninjas to be pirates from the East? Like they counterparts at sea, ninjas twere mercenaries. Even Queen Elizabeth hired mercenaries, called privateers, which in some cases twere merely government-sanctioned pirates! Read all about them in the la Vie Sirene article below

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Port #16

Who twere the most famed privateer of all time ... who even had a rum named after he?

(a) Sir George Clifford

(b) Stede Bonnet

(c) Leroy Jenkins

(d) Captain Henry Morgan