This 12-week publishing intensive is designed specifically for young writers of fiction in Southern California. Not only will we have your back as you battle your way through the writing process, but we'll celebrate victory together at a  launch party for the anthology that will contain the stories of all the participating Novel Ninjas.

Dates are flexible depending on the schedules of the ninjas enrolled. 
12 ninja maximum:
  • Act I - Wednesday May 31, 2023, 1-4pm 
  • Act II - 90-minute weekly group audiochat (at a time to be agreed upon by the participants), going from the first week of June through the last week of July
  • MIDPOINT - Ninja Nitpick Picnic at the park - Friday July 14 10am-12noon
  • Act III - Manuscripts due July 26 
  • Climax - Book Bash launch party - Sunday August 27 12noon-3pm
  • Resolution - Books also for sale at our 2nd annual Omnifête arts fair - Sunday November 12 12noon-3pm